GRLA-M5-QS-6-D one-way flow control valve

Part NO: 193139

one-way flow control valves GRLA-M5-QS-6-D Valve function=One-way flow control function for exhaust air

Pneumatic connection

port 1=QS-6

Pneumatic connection

port 2=M5

Adjusting element=Slotted head screw

Mounting type=Threaded

Flow control or one-way flow control valves regulate the piston speed of pneumatic drives during advance and return strokes. This is done through suitable restriction of the flow rate of compressed air in exhaust air or supply air direction. With FESTO valves GRLA or GRLZ

the flow control function works in one direction only (exhaust air or supply air); the non-return function works in the opposite direction. FESTO flow control valve GRLO offers a flow control function active in both directions.

Price: £13.69 £11.09