QSML-1/8-6 push-in L-fitting 10 units

Part NO: 153336

push-in L-fitting QSML-1/8-6 360° orientable

male thread with external hexagon. 10 units


Nominal size=3

3 mm

Type of seal on screw-in stud=coating

Assembly position=Any

Container size=10

FESTO has a wide range of fitting suitable for every connection and a wide range of applications. The convenient push-in fitting system includes well over 1000 types of standard and function fittings. The fittings are flexible with a high level of resistance and easy to install due to optimised bending radii. QS PUN offers maximum flexibility in standard applications and QS PAN meets all requirements

even for standard applications with increased pressure and temperature ranges.

Price: £26.30 £21.30